Dear reflective self – I’ve abandoned you.

Mar 15 2015 Published by under Leadership, Reflective Self

I tweeted about the bloody awful Guardian’s ‘Secret Teacher’ series today for being boring and predictable. I’m expecting a reply so I thought I’d check my old friend out (my so called Web-log) for some kind of witty reply to a Journo asking me to do better. I’d probably redirect them here or here. However, I’ve realised that there are blog posts on the first page of my site from the year 2012. How crap is this!?

The thing is, I personally reflect all the time on what is going on inside of my professional head, but I’m not articulating my feelings in a way that truly makes sense. Yes, I’ve written a couple of blog posts in the last 3 years but they don’t fully represent myself, what I stand for, what I’m about, or the struggles that I’m / we are up against (or even dare I say successes that we encounter) and I need to change this. So here is a commitment to whoever is out there: things are going to change with regards to my reflective self because I’ve abandoned you for too long.

So what’s been going on in the last 18 months? 2014: Getting the best GCSE results I’ve ever had by a country mile, leaving a school I loved, leaving my best friends in their quest to change education in the UK (which I think they probably could), joining a wonderful new school as Vice Principal, coming up against new unexpected obstacles (which I will overcome), understanding that my emotions in leadership can be the making of me, or indeed the downfall of me, staying centred enough in standing firm that its culture that makes the difference in schools where we work, still understanding that the right thing to do, and the hard thing to do are usually the same, holding the line that only teaching that is good enough for my own daughter is good enough for those sons and daughters of parents in which we work. And other stuff.

For now, building capacity is the watchword! Looking forward to interviewing our future Pedagogy Leaders tomorrow.


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