Animoto App – My geek score rating has gone through the roof!

Nov 13 2014 Published by under Teaching & Learning

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I’m known around these parts for being a bit of a teaching and learning geek, but the fact that I now have a new iPad mini (just like every teacher at DC) my geek rating score has gone through the roof!

I’ve been talking to Mr Cairns in and around the corridors at school and we’ve been bouncing ideas off of one another regarding video apps. Check out the ridiculously simple, yet very impressive Animoto.

The app allows you to drop several photos or short video clips into a theme, and Animoto does the rest. It’s incredibly intuitive and I learned how to use the app’s features within minutes. I’ve included 2 videos from my Y7 lessons today. I took photos of them engaged in Kagan and literacy activities on my beautiful new iPad, opened the Animoto app, dropped the photos in, chose a theme and uploaded it via the school’s wifi. It took less than about 3 or 4 minutes to do, and I did it during the lesson!

I showed the videos during the Consolidation phase, and I’ll play them during the Connect phase of the next one. As my lesson is right outside the Principal’s office, Miss Davies popped in and suggested that it might be an idea to get the learners to reflect upon our BLP learning muscles as lots of them were being used as seen throughout the video. This (of course) was a brilliant idea and I’ll magpie it for next lesson!

The Y7 learners loved the immediacy of the videos, and they were clearly buzzing with excitement as they left. Blooming brilliant!!

*Animoto is a free app but normally requires a subscription fee. However, sign up with your school email account and you should get a free 6 month education account (which I think can be renewed). Tweet them if you need help or advice – just like I did here and here.

Check out one of the videos below.

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