I loved my Y7 Maths cover for Miss Davies

May 13 2016 Published by under Teaching & Learning

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Unfortunately Miss Davies couldn’t teacher her Y7 Maths lesson today as she had to attend a meeting at Barnsley Town Hall, so she asked me if I could teach a Maths lesson on creating pie and bar charts instead.

First of all I used YAKiT app to create 3 videos to initially hook the class into the reason why I was teaching the class, introduce the Connect exercise, and then later introduce a more challenging task to develop those that were ready to refine their skills. This took me a total of about 5 minutes to create. Check them out below:

Throughout the lesson I used the incredibly easy ‘Think, Pair, Share’ Kagan structure to ensure that as many learners participated in my class discussion questions. Its often all too easy for learners to hide away and ‘opt out’ of Q&A, and as the video below highlights such simple structures engages everyone. A useful tip is to ask one of the learners what their partner actually said in their discussions in order to check for understanding.

I used the awesome app ‘Replay’ (recently changed to ‘Quik’) to capture several aspects of the lesson during the 60 minutes. This again is a simple and incredibly fast app that enabled me to play at during the Consolidation phase, and encourage learners to reflect on what they had learned, and how they had learned it.

As mentioned, I made the following video during the lesson, and probably took around 3 minutes to make.

Needless to say – I loved the lesson! Thanks Y7

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