Lucy’s History report for July 2015 is famous (kind of!)

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Last week’s emphasis on aspects of the Darton Learning Model has made me reconsider how I’m modelling what success looks like for our learners in class.

Looking for great work and reading it aloud during lessons has always been central to my practice, but providing visual examples in my view takes it to a different level. The Art department refers to this strategy as a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like), and via the use of mobile devices it’s becoming increasingly possible to capture success, and visually model it to our learners.

Take this example below by Lucy in Y7. My initial lessons with all of my classes focus on expectations beginning with the question ‘What are my expectations of Mr Portman as my classroom teacher?’ later followed by ‘What are Mr Portman’s expectations of us? A written task follows in the demonstration phase where learners have to imagine that they are me, and write their own History report for July 2015. As you can see from this follow up lesson resource, the learning outcomes focus specifically on redrafting their reports. Upon reading Lucy’s first draft, I quickly took a photograph of her book, shared it with the class and with further Y7 classes. Check it out.

As you can see, Lucy’s literacy skills are of a very high standard, and her first draft (begun during the transition period in July) is excellent. After visiting a number of Primaries last year, its clear that many KS2 learners’ literacy skills are very strong. As secondary practitioners – I sometimes question whether we have high enough expectations of our learners in Y7? Nevertheless, lots of my Y7s were thoroughly impressed with Lucy’s use of superlatives, written structure and connectives, and were able to help them with their learning. In addition to this, I shared the photo on Twitter and I got the following responses.

So Lucy’s first draft has not only helped other learners in Y7 at DC, its also encouraged other teachers in different parts of the UK to use the exercise in their school, and also actually use the photo of her work to model effective literacy.

Blooming brilliant – well done Lucy!!

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