9B4 – Why I still *love* my job as a teacher

Nov 10 2016 Published by under Teaching, Web2.0 in schools

I played this video to my wonderful Y9B4 English class yesterday, and they didn’t even realise that I had been recording them!


This was the thing: they were so absorbed in what they were learning about that they didn’t see me stood in front of them with my iPhone capturing their efforts.

Another thing is that this is the norm for them!

The ‘top 5’ learners with the highest behaviour points (or misbehaviour points) are in the class. But you’d never know it. Some people think that it’s because sometimes I am a shouty Vice Principal, and they’re scared of me. But this isn’t true. They’re not scared of me and I don’t want them to be.

Others think that its because we use iPads. But this isn’t the case either as we only use them every now and then, and only when the technology brings something that couldn’t be done without it.

Maybe others even think that it’s because they’re the ‘bottom set’ (one of the most outrageous phrases ever used in schools). It’s definitely not, as our work is tough! We work hard. We persevere. We move forward in so many different ways that I’m dead proud of them.

I don’t think they noticed me because we’ve learned to love ‘Of Mice and Men’, and learn to love and respect ourselves as a community of learners just wanting to do our best. This lies at the heart of what we do. Sometimes we all screw up in there, including myself, but we’re appreciating that our behaviours (in its widest sense) affects others in both negative and positive ways.

And from this comes emotional experiences that only you can ever truly discuss with those who also teach such classes as my wonderful 9B4. They say the most touching things that literally make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

I’ll never forget times like these.

This is why I *still* love my job as a teacher.

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